The Hearsay Corporation (a Division of S-5 Electronics) has been producing devices for the hearing impaired since 1983.  The products produced allow for individual customization to fit each users' needs in varied applications. 

Included in this site are links to each of the three main "Speech Adjust-A-Tone" models; the "Voice Magnifier," and the available accessories, including a Bone Conduction Transducer. 

The "Speech Adjust-A-Tone" is MORE than amplification.  The Hearsay advantage is through the six adjustable frequency ranges, allowing each user to adjust for their particular hearing loss, thus aiding in speech discrimination in addition to total amplification.  The variations between the different "Speech Adjust-A-Tones" are as follows:
        The HGA-TP, is the basic "Speech Adjust-A-Tone"         
        model with  the ability to attach to both telephone
        and television, and may be used with a power
        The HGA-HTP, is the "Speech Adjust-A-Tone" model
        that, in addition to the abilities of the  HGA-TP, can
        also be used with a headset with a boom mike.
        The HGA-MX, is the deluxe "Speech Adjust-A-Tone"
        model that, in addition to the capabilities of the
        HGA-HTP, can also be used with an external

        The VM  amplifies the speaker's voice to aid others
        in hearing the speaker.

        The HGTV  utilizes the frequency manipulation
        of the "Speech Adjust-A-Tone" and is dedicated to be
        used with a television. It uses a wireless link to get the
        sound from the TV.
These devices are inline devices placed between the phone receiver and phone base, television, radio, or tape recorder.

For additional information on each one of these fine products, please go to each of their appropriately linked pages.

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