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The HGTV allows the user to get all the benefits of SPEECH ADJUST-A-TONE when listening to television.

SPEECH ADJUST-A-TONE is MORE than amplification. Six adjustable frequency ranges can adapt to each personís particular hearing loss and thus aid in speech discrimination as well as amplification.

While listening to television, the hearing impaired user wears headphones and can adjust the volume control and frequency controls for optimum clarity. Others in the room are not disturbed.

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It can be used with most televisions that have either RCA or 3.5mm audio output jacks. The HGTV-Tx is connected to the TV with one of 2 types of cables included with the system.
The user then can sit anywhere in the room and pick up the signal with the HGTV-Rcv.

The HGTV system includes a 2 adapter cables to connect to the TV, a headset, 2 - 9 Volt Batteries, 2 - 9 volt Power Adapters and a 1 Year Repair or Replace Warranty.

See optional Accessories for other types of headsets and Bone Conduction Transducer

$248.00 plus $10 shipping and handling.

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