Glenn Swiderski  (             2/1/02

Using an 8 ohm load and applying 7.5 v p-p the following distortion measurements were noted.
  Frequency  % Distortion                   Frequency  % Distortion
     40                    15                          400                 1.8
     50                    10                          1k                   0.72
     60                    8                            2k                   0.59
     80                    6.4                         3k                   1.3
     100                  4.3                         6k                   2.2
     200                  2.4                         10k                 2.2

Hum noise  with 8 watts out = -59db
          with 1 watt out = -70db
SMTE was 1.3% at 8 watts

Thank you for your pictures and responses!  If you have enjoyed your kit, personal adaptations and unique mounting designs, we would love to see them.  We will make every attempt to place your amp on our site for others to enjoy and receive inspiration for their own individualized amp.  Thank you again and we hope to hear from you all! 

The "L" Tube Amp Team.
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Here are some pictures of the 16LS amp kit that I just finished. The instructions were very clear and I enjoyed putting the kit together. I am very pleased with the sound quality. My IPOD has never sounded better especially the 1940’s music.
Regards,Tony Burson  (8-2009)
I Love the Kit I got from you it was so much fun to work on! I hooked it up to speakers I built, Sounds Good!
Thanks for your help, you are nice people to talk to.  Mich Blackmon

I placed all the components on the underside of the PC board. The case is made of MDF veneered with tropical olivewood. The top is made of 14 gauge brass with an “antique brass”  finish.  I added a 60mm computer case fan which draws power from a small 12v circuit board which sits in the case in front of the power transformer.
I am very happy with this amplifier. It is my first tube project. I have had a lot of fun putting it all together.
Thanks again. Steve Gorfine
I finally got my kit done. I used black granite for the top and curly maple for the case. It sounds great and looks great. Sweet product!!
Greg Stigall    Springfield, OR

I added 2 lights on the front, both light when on but if the fuse blows one goes out.
Well, as luck would have it, I stumbled upon "The Speaker Company" who sells model P5-PR speakers at 89db sensitivity. They for $69.97. Surprise! Not only did the speakers work, but I can't get the volume up half way without getting blown out of the room! They really sound great with this amp. I'm not an audiophile and I have a high frequency hearing loss. However, I still appreciate what I do hear and this setup does the trick for me. Thanks for making this affordable amp kit available to the public.
Radio Randy

Kai-Uwe   Germany

Charles Mooradian
Mahogany case. The drivers are lit with red LEDs.

Robert Bowman
Rodrigo Otero

Thanks to all for your pictures!