Some of the Questions we are asked include:

"Do we have a 240 VAc Power transformer for the "G" kit"
        No - The "L" kits were designed to have dual power input. The "L"
        kits use a different heater voltage and therefore the transformers are
        not interchangable.

"Are the tube sockets ceramic?"
   Yes, all of our kits include ceramic sockets.

"Can someone with little or no experience assemble one of these kits?"
   If you can solder and read instructions you should have no
       problem. If you don't know how to solder find someone
       who does and have them give you a 15 minute lesson.
       The best soldering iron to use is between 25 and 40 watt,
       anything bigger may damage the PC Board.
   If you are color blind, just find some one to help you with the
       resistor and wire colors.

"Can both the Tone Control and Preamp be used at the same time?"
   No, The Tone Control has gain, so the preamp is not needed. 

Problems?  Check For:
       1) Long leads left on the bottom of the board, causing them
           to short out against each other or the chassis the
           kit is put in.
       2) "Cold" Solder Joints. (The solder did not flow around the
           lead and the PC Board pad leaving a poor or
           non-existent connection).
       3) Not removing the varnish from the output transformers
           mounting foot.
       4) Any modifications made to the origional design of the amp.
            Also see Technical notes



Commonly Asked Questions
    Page Updated June 2017

CautionThese amplifiers may be operated as supplied, however voltages in excess of 240 volts are present on the board and the tubes get very hot. It is advised that the amplifier be mounted in a well-ventilated metal enclosure to reduce the potential of fire or shock. We cannot emphasize this enough and we have no control on the quality of workmanship that the purchaser / builder puts into their kit, so PLEASE be careful. And Enjoy the sound of "TUBES".