The "L" Series

   Due to popular demand and availability of certain components S-5 Electronics has designed a Series of Tube Amplifiers designated as the "L" Series. They incorporate the good solid design criteria of our original Tube Amplifier Kits which be referred to the "G" series from here on.
   Some features available in this "L" Series  include: 8 Watt Stereo, 8 Watt Mono, 16 Watt Mono, 16 Watt Stereo and Preamplifier or Phono Preamplifier or Tone Control, one of which may be added to any of the amplifiers, making 12 different configurations available. 
You can now power these amplifiers with 120 or 240 vac 50 or 60 hz.
8 Tube Kits to choose from and build
8 Watt Mono K-8LM
Original "G" Stereo Integrated Tube Amplifier (K-12G)
Is available for a short time

Page updated June 2017
Preamp K-PL
16 Watt Mono K-16LM

8 Watt Stereo K-8LS
16 Watt Stereo K-16LS
Tone Control K-TL
8 Watt Stereo Tube Amplifier with Tone Control
These amps work well with ipods and CD players
Phono Preamp